Vegan Challenge For The Spot In MasterChef Semi-Finals

by | March 26, 2019

On MasterChef UK earlier this week, we saw a glimmer of hope for vegans everywhere- a challenge where no animal products were to be used in the dish.

In case you’ve haven’t heard, MasterChef is a popular British program (which also has an American spin-off as well as adaptations in dozens of countries worldwide) television reality show where chefs across the country face-off in challenges in order to try and win the title of “MasterChef”. The co-hosts are John Torode and Greg Wallace for the UK program. For the American version, you may have noticed that Gordon Ramsay is the co-creator of the competition.  

John Torode and Greg Wallace, co-hosts Credit: John Torode/ Instagram

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Vegan Challenge for the spot in Master Chef Semi-Finals

The guest on this episode was vegan chef Alexis Gauthier, owner of Gauthier Soho where a beautifully made vegan menu is a key factor of the fancy establishment. Gauthier went vegan himself back in 2015 when he had a realization about animal suffering when PETA street teamers dubbed him as being a bad person since he used to use foie gras. Today, Gauthier has fully shifted from the traditional French cooking style of which he had been using for 30 years prior to plant-based cooking. Last year, he had announced that within the next two years, he aims to turn Gauthier Soto into 100% vegan restaurant. If he accomplishes this, Gauthier would be the first Michelin-star chef to have succeeded this.

As far as the reception of the vegan challenge went for the contestants who were trying to earn a spot in the semifinals, the judges all seemed extremely impressed with the results. The dishes presented were of a wide range, one dish that stole the show was a pannacotta using cashew mousse.

Having a widely celebrated show such as MasterChef UK use veganism in a positive eye-opening way to their large platform is so important and progressive. Not only for veganism but in the future, if they were to include other plant-based dietary challenges such as a raw-vegan meal or even a fruitarian challenge.

Credit: Caroline Attwood/ Unsplash

Did you watch this episode of MasterChef UK where the challenge was to create a fully vegan plate? Do you want to possibly see an all-vegan cooking show in the future? Let me know in the comments below.

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