Vegan Documentary Wins Award At Film Festival

by | August 10, 2020

A vegan documentary has won the Wild Animal Award for outstanding film-making at this year’s British Documentary Film Festival.

The film — HOGWOOD: a modern horror story — is a 35-minute documentary highlighting the mistreatment of animals at some of the UK’s biggest factory farms, including the infamous Hogwood Farm.

Narrated by vegan actor Jerome Flynn, the documentary follows a group of undercover investigators and activists from animal welfare group Viva!, as they work to expose the industry.

“Modern Horror Stories”

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to win this award,” said Tony Wardle, Director of HOGWOOD and Associate Director of Viva!, in an email to Raise Vegan.

“I have been producing investigative documentaries for many years and no film has been more harrowing than HOGWOOD.”

“There are modern horror stories taking place each day in the British countryside. Not only are these horrors hidden from sight, but they are endorsed by huge corporations and the Government. That is why this film had to be made — because the public has a right to see what takes place beyond the factory farm walls.

vegan documentary director tony wardle
The animal welfare documentary is directed by Tony Wardle (Provided/Viva!)

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Vegan Documentary Award

In addition to the Wild Animal Award, HOGWOOD was also short-listed in the Best British Short category at the festival.

“Your documentary handled an incredibly disturbing topic very well,” praised the judges of the festival, “and it’s certainly changed a few of our staff’s food shopping habits because of it.” 

HOGWOOD is available to watch on Amazon, Google Play and Apple TV.

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