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Vegan Liquid Detergent in Cardboard Bottles? ‘Seventh Generation’ Sells It

by | June 3, 2019

Not every day you can pick up a household supply not only good for you and your family, but good for Mother Nature as well. A brilliant brand called Seventh Generation bottles their vegan liquid detergent in recycled cardboard boxes. That’s right! Paper and cardboard go into the packaging of this fantastic concentrated detergent. Know more here.

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Vegan Liquid Detergent in Recycled Cardboard Bottles? Yes, Seventh Generation Sells It!


How far have you seen companies go in the quest to save the planet? Sure, in many ways corporate responsibilities have heightened their reach to curb climate change. They have ventured to use recycled packaging, deriving raw-materials from sustainable sources, etc. However, have you seen a liquid detergent concentrate packaged in a cardboard bottle? Paper is the last thing you’ll expect can hold liquids, right? Well be prepared to rethink what you know about traditional packaging. Before telling you about the revolutionary packaging, let’s learn more about the makers behind this great idea.

The Promise to Seven Generations of Care

Seventh Generation believes in nurturing the health, of not just the presiding, but the next ‘seven generations’ with their approach to sustainable business. This is the whole premise behind their name. “We made a promise the moment we named our brand,” writes the company on their website. Every step they take will pertain to the upcoming generations and they promise it (a dramatic tear of happiness drops from my eyes as I write). They rightfully say, “Because you can’t live a healthy life on a sick planet.”

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Vegan Liquid Detergent in Recycled Cardboard Bottles? Yes, Seventh Generation Sells It

Seventh Generation, along with their heart-touching promise, offers a line of amazing products. From laundry detergent to trash bags, Seventh Generation has everything you need. More products include dishwashing solutions, hand soap, disinfecting cleaners, household cleaners, baby care, feminine care, and household paper. All products are also sorted based on compatibility. For example, you can shop for baby, people with sensitive skin, products for extra tough stains, and the like. Check out their website learn more.

The Incredible Cardboard Bottled Vegan Liquid Detergent


Upon seeing the cardboard bottle, you’ll say to yourself “wow, just look at that!” (I wish we had this in India). Although the company’s other product packagings are made of post-consumer recycled plastics (they seek to reach the 100% mark by 2020), this particular product line-up called ‘Concentrated Laundry Detergent’ is exceptional. It comes in a humble, simple, and neat recycled cardboard and paper bottle. Yes, you’ve heard it right – a recycled cardboard and paper bottle! According to Seventh Generation-

“It’s a whole new bottling ball game made from used paper, a material whose reputation for containing messy viscous liquids is paper thin at best.”

Seventh Generation

According to the company, the cardboard-based packaging is molded into a rigid bottle, just like any other, using 30% recycled newspaper and 70% recycled cardboard. You can simply grab the bottle and pour the liquid, just like with plastic bottles. Yet, the secret lies inside; if there wasn’t a barrier between the liquid and recycled cardboard, all this would not be possible.

The product comes in two variants- ‘Free and Clear’ and ‘Geranium Blossoms and Vanilla Scent’. Both are made in the USA, hypo-allergenic, contain no optical brighteners, are USDA Certified Biobased Product 96%, sans fragrances and dyes (Free and Clear option), and are standard and HE machine-compatible liquid detergent.

Fighting Plastic Pollution

The company uses a plastic pouch (presumably recycled/able) which holds the detergent inside. The innovative bottle was engineered in partnership with EcoLogic- a sustainable packaging company. According to Seventh Generation, this bottle uses 66% less plastic than conventional 100 oz. 2X detergent bottles. So what are you waiting for – pick up one of your own! Your kids can even assist in composting the cardboard shell (after extracting/recycling the plastic pouch inside).

vegan liquid detergent
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Products like these come as a savior to the planet. Plastic pollution is gripping hard, and if measures are not taken, the damage done might be too much to ever reverse. UN predicts, the world altogether generates 300 million tons of plastic waste every year, a weight insanely enough to compete with the entire weight of the human race on earth. Then comes the chilling hypothesis – if current trends continue, by 2050 there will be more plastics in the oceans than fish.

The UN writes

“We’ve seen a lot of positive action, but the truth is that we all need to do more.”

What do you think about this exciting cardboard packaged detergent? Do you wish more brands take this approach to packaging? Let me know your thoughts in comments.

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