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Vegan Mum’s Anti-meat Protest Fetches Her Stereotypical comment

by | April 26, 2019

Claire Folan, 34, held a demonstration at a Sainsbury’s store in Kent this week to protest animal abuse and killing. She used a megaphone to share her message of shops “selling violence” out loud to customers, and she reportedly received an utterly stereotypical statement from an elderly woman regarding her anti-meat protest. What was it? Read on to know more.

Anti-meat Protest
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Vegan Mum’s Anti-meat Protest Fetches Her Stereotypical comment

A veterinary nurse by profession, Claire Folan from Thanet is a mother of two. A vegan and animal rights activist, she recently took to megaphones to call out loud her message that stores like Sainsbury’s, according to her, are “selling violence.”

During the anti-meat protest held at a Sainsbury’s supermarket in Kent, five other protestors joined her in the scene and they showed other customers footage of animal slaughtering in farms, reported Kent Live. The entire protest was also captured and live-streamed by the fellow protestors. The vegan woman told Kent Live, “We are seeking complete animal liberation.”

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While speaking to the local media, Folan said that her protest received mixed reviews, adding that it is understandable as the footage they’ve shown were “quite hard-hitting.” She said some people in the supermarket spoke to them and took their leaflets, while others said they were upset from the protest. According to The SUN, Claire said:

“We are animal rights activists and we will keep on showing up in places that sell violence.

I am a mother. I have two 18-month-old children.

If they were born lambs they would already have been killed.”

And after her comments, she was met by an angry elderly woman who told her, “go home and look after your children,” reported the SUN.

Easter Protest

The protest was dispersed some 20 minutes later after police intervened at the scene. A Sainsbury’s spokesperson said that they are grateful to the police for controlling the protest and issued an apology to consumers for inconveniences caused. Mrs. Folan told Kent Live that they weren’t seeking confrontation nor wanted an arrest, confirming that there will be further such protests in places that deal with selling meat.

What do you think about the comments on the vegan mum and her anti-meat protest? Let me know in the comments.

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