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Vegan News Round Up: Latest News You Should Know

by | March 20, 2019

We’re here to bring you a round-up of all of the vegan news that happened over this past week. In case you missed anything, we’ve got you covered. Here is your weekly vegan news round-up for the week ending March 16.

700 Dogs Rescued from Puppy Mill in Georgia. Operator Arrested.

By somsak nitimongkolchai/shutterstock

700 dogs were rescued from an extreme hoarding puppy mill in Atlanta, where they were kept in disgusting conditions at the hands of Craig Gray, a pet-breeder. All the rescued dogs have been transferred to sheltered and once rehabilitated, they will be available to be adopted.

Pizza Boy. Best Spot in Pasadena for Vegans and Meat Eaters Alike?

pizza boy
Credit: Vegan Hot Wings, Pizza Boy Website

Located in Southern California, Pizza Boy will be your new favorite spot to eat with your kids and even your omnivore friends. With a wide-range of optons including pizzas, calzones, and sides this is a must-go.

Owner of Vegan Soccer Team Eyes British School Lunches to Turn Them Vegan

vegan soccer team
Dale Vince, centre, at the launch of his Little Green Devils school dinners venture, picture Simon Pizzey

Dubbed “The World’s Greenest Football Club” by FIFA, the Little Green Devils’ club chair Dale Vince launched a vegan production company to distribute all-vegan lunches to schools and universities throughout the UK starting this April.

Vegan Diet Can Reduce Depression and Diabetes Symptoms? A Study Confirms

vegan diet can reduce depression

A new study from the British Medical Journal proves that following a vegan lifestyle can help significantly reduce symptoms of depression in just a few months.

Plant-Based Food Startup Gets Funding from Jeff Bezos’ Investment Group


Chile-based brand NotCo was able to use a spoon of their vegan mayonnaise in order to sway the worlds richest man, Jeff Bezos, into providing $30 million in funding for their brand.

California on the Way to Ban Fur

Following their ban on non-cruelty-free products, the Golden State is on their way to being even more progressive. Sacramento (the first of 3 committes needed to pass the bill)

Moo Free Vegan Chocolate Now in Over 400 Marks and Spencer Stores

Credit: Moo Free Vegan

To be found in over 400 Marks and Spencer stores across the UK, Moo Free “milk” chocolate will be on shelves just in time for Easter.

Gunas: Meet the Lady Boss Dominating the Vegan Handbag Market

vegan handbag
Image provided by Gunas

Based in NYC, Gunas founder Sugandh G. Agrawal amazes us with her beautiful vegan high-fashion handbags and ultimate girl-boss vibes.

Kat Von D: I Am Not a Nazi. I am Not an Anti Vaxxer

Kat Von D
Credit: Video Screen Shot YoutTube Kat Von D

In a video posted to YouTube, Kat Von D dispels rumors that have been floating around about her being a “Nazi” and “Anti Vaxxer”.

Pi Day Celebration as Vegan Named Supreme Champion at British Pie Awards

pi day 2019
Credit: Annie Spratt

March 14 was pi day and to celebrate, a delicious vegan pie beat out nearly 900 others at the British Pie Awards making it the first ever vegan pie to win this title.

No Kidding: Vermont Town Elects Goat as Mayor

vermont town
Credit: Søren Astrup Jørgensen

Fair Haven, Vermont makes headlines by electing an adorable 3-year old goat named Lincoln as mayor.

Craving for a Gourmet Meaty and Vegan Burger? Wetherspoon Has It.

meaty and vegan burger
By Svetlana Turchenick/shutterstock

Popular pub chain JD Wetherspoon adds a new “gourmet” burger to their line-up. The twist? It’s vegan.

Family of Corey Jones Opens Restaurant “The New Vegan”

the new vegan
Credit: The New Vegan/Facebook

Following the passing of their cousin Corey Jones, a young man victim of police brutality, Rahein Jones opens an all-vegan restaurant in Northwood.

Which of these vegan news stories was your favorite from the week? Were there any that we missed? Let me know in the comments below and stay tuned for next week’s vegan news round-up.

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