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Blocked Tear Duct Or Conjunctivitis? How To Tell

Is it just a blocked tear duct? Or is it conjunctivitis? As parents, we’re always on the lookout to make sure our children appear as happy and healthy as possible. Blocked tear ducts and pink eye (conjunctivitis) are not uncommon in children, but it can be difficult...

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Caring For A Baby With The Flu

How do you care for a baby with the flu? Caring for a baby with the flu is never a fun experience. Regardless of whether a person is young, old, vegan, omni or somewhere in between, we all get the flu at some point, we are only human after all. Certain flu seasons can...

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The Top 50 Baby Girl Names 2018 Are In

The top 50 baby girl names 2018 are in! Is your chosen name on the list? Choosing a baby name is not easy. If it doesn't remind you of your high school sweetheart - there absolutely was that creepy person from one of your jobs that owns that moniker, and you can't...

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Toddlers & Childcare

Helping Kids Discover Their Interests

What do you like to do? One of the main questions we ask, when our children tell us they are bored. However, for kids and parents alike, we're unsure what they are really interested in, that they would want to take it further. How do you go...

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Teenage Years

Parenting Corner

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