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Vegans Get Hired Easily With This New Vegan Job Site

by | December 26, 2018

Hola Vegans, get hired easily with this new job site that turns dream into reality! is on a mission to help people find vegan jobs and employers recruit vegan staff. 

As per the Plant Based News report, the news vegan jobs site portal will be UK’s first completely functioning job portal for recruiters and job candidates. 

Vegans Get Hired Easily
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Vegans Get Hired Easily!

Vegan jobs will be hosting vacancies for all kinds of jobs, including permanent positions, part time roles, freelance, full time jobs, zero hours and fixed time positions.

The only condition for job candidates- they have to be Vegan!

As per the information displayed on the vegan jobs welcome page, the website would be officially launched on 21st January 2019. Employers looking to hire or candidates who wish to get hired can drop an email at [email protected] or connect with them through their Facebook, Instagram or Twitter page. 

Vegans Get Hired Easily!

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