Hayley Rodemsky has been plant based for half of her life, and is raising a robust baby man with the same beliefs. It’s her mission to spread the positive vibes that come with being vegan, and the indisputable reasons behind it. Whilst chasing after her one year old, she enjoys playing with her pets, traveling to warmer climates, and refreshing her Instagram

There are so many benefits to being a raw vegan, it can be one of the best things you can do for yourself, your children, the environment, and future generations. The people in Hawaii have been getting it right since the beginning of time, and with the surge of social media, we now have a front row seat to just how abundantly fresh their diets are. There are so many vegans in Hawaii that are raising raw, and social media gives us a look into their lives.

Vegans in Hawaii Raising RawIn our vegan Facebook group, there are often posts wondering why they are not losing weight, why they still are struggling with acne, bloating, and other problems even though they are following a vegan lifestyle. Most of the time these issues are due to all of the processed vegan options. A raw food diet is a way to eliminate many health ailments.

By following a raw food diet, or even a mainly raw diet, you are able to absorb the fullest nutritional value of your food. Your food in its purest, organic form has not been treated with pesticides, preservatives, synthetic colors or flavors, or any other unnecessary and potentially dangerous additives (things that lead to a plethora of health problems). Many people think that children can not operate on a raw vegan diet, and that’s perfectly fine if it’s not right for your child, but it can be one of the healthiest options for your family. Just ask one of the many  vegans in Hawaii raising raw taking social media by storm.

Growing up I always had an unexplained affinity for Hawaii and it’s culture. Never having traveled there, I filled my bedroom with Hawaii inspired decor and paraphernalia. I tore through books about the history of Hawaii, the differences between the islands, deciding which would be my first when I finally made my way there.

Vegans in Hawaii Raising Raw

Deciding on Kauai because of it’s nature and abundance of waterfalls and tropical fruits and vegetables, I finally made my childhood dreams come true. The second I stepped off of the plane, I was home. Years later after spending much time on every island and purchasing an apartment in Waikiki, Hawaii will forever be where my heart lies.

For someone who lives a low waste, minimal, plant based life, Hawaii is the answer. With the social media expansion in the past few years, I am so proud to see the exposure of Hawaii and the back-to-roots lifestyle it offers. I wanted to share some of the amazing families that are spreading the raw vegan word through social media. As you know, we had Ellen Fisher on our cover for our first issue, and she has been the front runner in exposing the raw vegan lifestyle. Ellen, her three children, and her husband live in Maui and live an abundantly refreshing life and just by watching her YouTube videos you can see how they are thriving on their mainly raw lifestyle.

Vegans in Hawaii Raising Raw

Andrea from Earthy Andy on Instagram and Youtube lives on the North Shore of Oahu and she and her two sons and husband are as inspirational as they come. She shares her personal health story on her blog and shares delicious raw recipes and photographs on her Instagram with photos of her sons enjoying the fruits of the earth.

It’s people like these that we need more of. People to help stop the stigma that children can not live a healthy, thriving life as a vegan, let alone a raw vegan. Our children are able to be nourished by our mother earth without being pumped with unnatural chemicals and will be much better off by doing so. My advice? Do a little exploring of your own on these Hawaiian families, follow their lead on incorporating more raw meals into your families diets, watch your energy increase and overall health improve. Live Aloha wherever you are!