Why Vegans Say That People Hate Vegans

by | August 11, 2018

Do People Hate Vegans?

A recent post making the rounds at Vice interviews vegans in Toronto, asking them why they think people ‘hate them’, and the answers will surprise you!


Toronto’s vegan neighborhood quickly named Vegandale, has attracted a lot of attention, from the exclusively vegan stores and organizing some of the largest vegan festivals in Toronto and the USA – it’s no wonder that the majority of people walking around there is, yep, you guessed it, vegan. One reporter found vegans, and asked why do people hate vegans?

A group of business owners who are not vegan organized a forum recently named Parkdale isn’t vegan at the community gardens, where around two hundred and fifty people attended. Solely to voice their concerns at the growing number of vegans moving into the area, which consists of several restaurants, a brewery, and a clothing store all owned by the same group: the 5700 Inc.

The event organizers wanted to stress that it isn’t a hate forum, or to discuss being vegan itself, but that they are offended by the branding of their neighborhood as exclusively vegan, and the slogan ‘morality on tap’. They are also worried about the increasing gentrification of the area.


One vegan attendee, Mathusha feels the community is worried about gentrification, and simply because the people doing it are considered ethical, doesn’t make it any less of an issue, stating

“To be honest, there’s nothing vegan about driving people out of neighborhoods and bubble-wrapping capitalism and its establishments.”


He feels the signs about morality and going vegan are obnoxious and the constant comparisons between eating animals and the Holocaust are insensitive and should be shut down. His view is that vegans feel morally superior to others, and a lot of the vegans he has come across are white supremacist type people who don’t care as much about all people, as much as they do for all animals.

Alec Bosse, also in attendance, said he became a vegan after watching Earthlings and didn’t want to participate in animal cruelty anymore. However, he feels that vegans are dismissed as a diet, and not what it really is, a  social justice movement, where there is always a  victim, and it’s an overlooked fact. He, however, did point out that he was uncomfortable with vegans comparing animal exploitation to slavery, and can understand why people hate vegans.

Another person there who spoke to Vice, Darren and from Toronto feels that it’s socially acceptable to hate on vegans, but feels the mainstream capitalist vegan movement that is dominated by upper middle class, mostly white people, who have shown very little understanding or concern about issues related to food justice, poverty, and systemic racism.


Easy Targets

Page, a vegan from Parkdale itself feels that the entire Vegandale is just a marketing ploy, a way to drum up business for the area, and doesn’t personally call it Vegandale. She thinks these whole ‘people hate vegans’ is just finding an easy target for being unhappy with the city. Especially with the other stores that are moving in such as luxury grocery stores and restaurants.
‘Obviously, plant-based diets are the trend right now’ saying that an establishment that sold meat would be understandably upset at not getting the same type of media coverage as the vegan restaurants.

Caitlin from Toronto asked if people could ever welcome a social justice movement without getting annoyed and defensive. If the population had to stand up and face what the animals are put through, that maybe it would be a different outcome.



Veganism is the Future

However, whatever you may think of vegans and the movement itself, there is no denying that veganism is the largest growing trend at the moment, with thousands of families worldwide not only eating vegan themselves but raising the next generation as vegans. Vegandale may be the first of its kind, but it won’t be the last.





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