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World’s First Vegans Only Comedy Night in York

by | January 21, 2019

Vegans all over the world can be envious of their UK counterparts as York is set to host an all vegan event, coming January 27th, with world’s first vegans only comedy night.

World's First Vegans Only Comedy Night in York
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World’s First Vegans Only Comedy Night in York

If you ever fancied going to an event where everyone promoted the cruelty free lifestyle, True Story Cafe in York (UK) is bringing your dream to life. It is hosting world’s first vegans only comedy night where everyone around you, from host to comedians and audience, will be vegan.

True Story is an all vegan cafe that is popular among the locals for its delicious plant based cuisines. According to The York Press, the comedy night, graced by Sarah Bennetto, shall attempt to subtly promote and normalize veganism.

Deemed as Storyteller par excellence, Sarah has made an appearance on shows like Take The Mike and School of Hard Slums. Matt Hoss, the event organizer and anchor, has been quoted as saying,

“The routines are the same as a normal set, but it offers a safe recluse for vegans. The audience will ‘leaf’ with a smile on their face and will want to come back for herbi-more”.

Matt Hoss, Event Organizer, Anchor and Stand-up Artist

This vegans only comedy night shall be marking the successful closure of veganuary, a widespread movement urging people to embrace veganism in January.

If you wish to attend the show, grab your ticket from WeGotTickets for £10 advance. The show starts right at 7:30 pm, so be there on time. For more details click here.

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