Yes, You’re Going To Gain Weight While Pregnant, But It’s Not That Bad

by | August 9, 2018

Yes, you’ll gain weight while pregnant but no one wants to hear the dreaded ‘Holey Moley! Are you sure there’s only one in there?!’

Words that every pregnant woman just gleefully wants to hear when she’s rounding up the sixth month. Dear stranger on the bus – tell me more about how big I am, and while we’re at it.  Do you want to creepily reach out and start touching body parts of mine like you own me, with phrases such as ‘It’s a boy, I just know it? Mothers are always massive when it’s a boy’.

“It’s normal to be surprised by your weight gain while pregnant—it can feel like a lot in a short amount of time,” says Maggie Baumann, M.F.T., C.E.D.S., a psychotherapist based in Newport Beach, California. But putting on those pregnancy pounds can be a positive experience.


Weight Gain Break Down

it all boils down to your BMI pre-pregnancy, for women who are within the regular ranges, 18.5 to 24.9, it is suggested that they don’t gain more than twenty-five to thirty-five pounds during pregnancy. Women who began under that, have more room to gain weight while pregnant, with a suggested 28 to 40 pounds weight gain. Women who are considered overweight according to BMI, are suggested to gain between twenty-five and thirty pounds. An obese woman is suggested to gain between eleven and twenty. Of course, if you have more than one baby in there, everything increases and should be discussed with your health provider.


Reasons Why It’s Simply Just Not That Bad To Gain Weight While Pregnant


It’s Really Important.

Now is not the time to research juice diets and hot yoga classes to ward off the pounds. Your baby needs you to gain those pounds so that they can grow, if you diet, or try not to, the baby could be born underweight, causing a lot of health problems, such as digestive, heart and even breathing when they are born, or even later in life.


Hormones Made Me Do It.

New Hampshire recently had a lot of red faces lately, when they passed a law, giving women immunity to murder if they were pregnant, because of hormones. Yet, hormones are a real issue, it is as if someone flipped a switch, and suddenly eating pickles on crackers with an ice cream topping is perfectly normal. Hormones turn on cravings, and for good evolutionary reasons. They signal to the body, that it needs to not only nourish a baby but increase fat stores to nourish that baby once it is born.


Breasts The Size of Mountains

As your hormones increase, so does your bra size. You’ll gain a whopping 2lbs in your breasts alone! A lot of this has to do with all the extra fluid, swelling, and milk you’re making for the baby. Your breasts will go down once the baby is born, especially if you’re considering breastfeeding, so I wouldn’t throw out all your own bras just yet.


Nothing Lasts Forever

Unless you’re me, then you’re just going to keep ‘eating for two’ and checking out the sweet looking bathing suits in the plus-sized section. However, if pregnancy weight gain is getting you down, there are millions of women worldwide who walked straight out of that hospital looking like they did pre-pregnancy (We’re looking at you, Kate Middleton). Weight gain isn’t going to last forever, you will lose it just as easily as you put it on, toddlers never. Sit. Still.

Did you gain weight while pregnant? Was it a positive experience for you? Let us know in the comments below!


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