Your Body After Baby, What You Need to Know

by | March 23, 2018

A breathtaking baby has come into your world, and your astonishing body has birthed her. Nine months of stretching skin and bodily changes have led you to this moment. Suddenly you’re faced with a different conundrum. You are now inhabiting a body that is not the familiar pre-baby physique you once had, nor are you growing a little one anymore. It can be a complicated time for a new mother, physically and emotionally. So what really happens to your body after baby?


In the hopes of fighting postpartum depression as much as you can, it’s best to first focus on the incredible ways that pregnancy changes your body. A new mother’s brain makes many changes while she is pregnant, and they continue to occur after she has given birth. There are so many scientific factors that relate to the bond between mother and child. In a normal brain, the amygdala, a set of neurons which assist in memory, fear, anxiety, and depression, will grow within the two weeks following giving birth, allowing an opportunity for the unbreakable bond between mother and baby to transpire.


Even as simple of a task as looking into the eyes of your baby will ignite responses from the reward centers in the brain. These hormone surges are imperative in predicting how you will speak to your baby, your level of attentiveness as a mother, and even your ability to express your affection.  There are some ways to help naturally try and boost your Amygdala’s strength, including Kava, St. John’s Wort, and specialty herbs, but as with any supplements, you should always check with your health care provider before trying anything new, especially while breastfeeding or pregnant.

Another great way that your body will change for the better is that you will take better care of yourself. After spending the last nine months eating healthily for you and your growing little one, you are already on your way to a healthier life for good! While pregnant, you tend to want to treat yourself with extra kindness, put less chemicals in your body, and take more precautions when it comes to unhealthy foods. The wonderful thing is that after your baby is here, you will want to do the same, so that you can live a long, strong, healthy life with your child!


YOUR BODY AFTER A BABYOf course, there are the things that are perceived as negative results of pregnancy, and we tend to hear about them far too often. Sagging breasts after breastfeeding, newfound and unwanted curves, slack abdominal skin, and hair loss are a few of the most common. Prevention, genetics and acceptance are the key words when dealing with these new attributes. Unless you are medically unable to, maintain a moderate exercise routine throughout your pregnancy. This can be yoga, swimming, going for long exploitative walks with your partner or puppy, or whatever you can think of! Again, it’s all about being physically healthy because when you feel good inside, you look good outside. When you take care of yourself from a loving place, you will be able to take care of your child for many years to come. Be proud of your new breasts and curves that your baby has given you, they will serve as a reminder of your unbreakable bond. Be proud of your body after baby.



Hayley Rodemsky has been plant based for half of her life. Together with her fiancee, she is mothering a delight of a one year old. Raising vegan and positive parenting are her passions, and when she is not informing others about such things, Hayley enjoys playing with her pets, traveling to warmer climates, and refreshing her Instagram.


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