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11 Vegan Activists Arrested After Slaughterhouse Protest

by | August 29, 2019

Eleven activists have been arrested in the wake of a nonviolent protest at Forge Farm Meats in Kent, UK.

Smash Speciesism, the group of animal activists responsible for the protest, took to Facebook to announce the arrests.

“As many of you know eleven people were arrested as a result of the slaughterhouse shut down on Tuesday,” the post reads.

“Ten for aggravated trespass and one for aiding and abetting. “

All 11 activists were released the following morning, and ordered to appear in court on October 8. The group has called for supporters to join them at West Kent Magistrate Court at 9:30 that morning.

A display made by the activists
An activist’s display (Source: Smash Speciesism/Facebook.com)

Vegan Activists Enter Slaughterhouse

The day’s events began with protesters occupying the slaughterhouse’s kill floor and waste silos, and chaining themselves onto machinery in an attempt to prevent further killing. The demands made by the group included that the that the animals held at the facility be sent to a sanctuary, and spared death.

Forge Farm Meats resumed normal operations after the protest was broken up and is continuing to kill animals today. 

Smash Speciesism wrote earlier this week that the protest is unrelated to animal cruelty charges currently being investigated at Forge Farm Meats, as the group “[doesn’t] believe in a world where slaughterhouse workers treat the animals kindly, but in a world where slaughterhouses don’t exist.”

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