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Welcome to the largest Vegan Parenting network in the world. A safe place to learn and share about vegan pregnancy, infancy, and beyond. Bringing you news, information, and incredible recipes. Everything you want or need to know about raising vegan families is here. You are the creators of the vegan generation. Be the change, Raise Vegan!

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How Can I Play With My Baby?

  It is no secret that older children love to play, they never seem to stop running, jumping and climbing! Often, older children can engage in play themselves, as well as invite other children to play with them. But what about babies, how can we include them in the...

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Lower Insurance Rates For Vegans?

An Israeli based insurance company has started a new initiative to give residents following a plant-based diet lower insurance rates. The initiative is being rolled out by Clal Insurance and is called Vegans Pay Less (VPL), and is reportedly being supported by finance...

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Are You A Toxic Person Online?

We all have those moments, where a mean word ruins our entire day. Sometimes it's a stranger online, or a person in the grocery store, Maybe it's a little close to home? A 'friend' who exhibits duplicitous behavior. We have at one point or another in life, experienced...

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