Vegan Mansplainer Doxxes Woman For Showing Compassion Towards Kid

by | April 30, 2018

While many more families today, are choosing to raise vegan, cutting out animal products for the health benefits, fight against animal cruelty, and for the future of the planet. Using their best judgement as a vegan parent to help their children navigate the world. With platforms such as Vegan Pregnancy and Parenting, we have seen incredible people sharing advice and found inspiration with families sharing their stories. Unfortunately, there are many people who use the internet as a platform to shame and spread negativity instead of using it as a tool to share the joy and love of a vegan lifestyle. Recently, a vegan mansplainer doxxed a woman online for showing compassion towards a crying child.

Being a vegan parent, we have more of a duty to create a positive and encouraging message when sharing about veganism.


A vegan blogger posted a story about a heartbroken kid, crying because she didn’t have enough money to buy an ice-cream. While, as vegans, we never want to support the dairy industry, we also want to always lead with compassion, love, and understanding. A six year old kid doesn’t understand the cruelty of the world, but they will understand compassion.

For one troll on the internet, buying an extremely upset child a dairy ice-cream, was worthy of a town hall name and shame, and it backfired in the most spectacular way. As parents, we understand that children do not possess the same rationing and understanding of the world. It is not the time to get the laptop out, and go over the finer points of veganism, with a kid, that probably never heard of veganism before.  Do we agree with buying the ice-cream, no. However, we can understand it.

Zara (Itsallzara on Twitter and her website), a self described ‘vegan blogger’ explained how she had come across an extremely upset kid who couldn’t afford an ice-cream, and gave her the money.

Anthony Dagher, the vegan mansplainer on his one man crusade, wanted to point out the wrong doings of her actions in a private message, and when she didn’t fall down apologizing, reposed the conversation to not only Twitter, but Reddit also. In the hopes of, what we can only imagine, bullied into the offline world.

I’ve had many times where my child is sobbing uncontrollably. Even yesterday, he wanted to go to the park instead of our backyard swing-set, and for the long 15 minute walk back from our local cafe, my son was in hysterics as we were “going the wrong way” (back to our home vs the park). Nothing was soothing him on that walk, once home, I could offer him vegan treats and distract him with his favorite toys. Now, @itsallzara is not this child’s parent, and unfortunately we don’t live in an ideal vegan world. She saw a child having trouble, and the same way she would do for an animal in crisis, she had the compassion to try to help. This girl, not raised in vegan lifestyle, probably pointed to her favorite ice cream, and thanks to Zara had a smile on her face. If you can look at this story, this should be a celebration of Zara’s compassion not an opportunity to try to hurt someone because they are “not vegan enough”.

vegan mansplainer compassion



Anthony Dagher, used his time, sending a direct message to her outlining his issues with her buying non-vegan ice cream. When she told him, “it’s not that deep” and blocked him, he screenshot their back and forth and encouraged his followers to also send her messages directly. He also shared her Instagram account. This type of hate spreading is rampant online. Instead of uplifting and perhaps offering advice on how to better handle a situation, should she find herself in it again. He wanted her bullied, shown zero compassion, and harassed.

People chimed in saying that, Dagher had gone too far, and most felt buying a child an ice cream wasn’t ‘the end of the world’ while many others joined in to express their distaste that a vegan had contributed to the dairy industry. A small percentage of people identify as vegan, and if we stand against each other instead of fighting for a better future for the world, we won’t get very far in promoting our lifestyle.

Veganism is a beautiful way of life, one that creates a healthier human, saves the lives of countless animals, and positively affects the environment.





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  1. Rachael Kovatch
    May 1st, 2018 @ 6:27 pm

    I’m vegan and my family is not. For my daughter’s birthday I had a vegan cake done, but we went to a restaurant where the kids ate foods I don’t eat and they did have ice cream. I cannot force it on other people, my daughter and I ate vegan and shared a vegan cake. They all loved the cake and were surprised it was vegan. I do what I can to show how being vegan is easy and tasty. But I’m not going to knock their burger out of their mouth. I don’t think that makes me less vegan. This guy was looking to bully and that is wrong.

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