5 Vegan Athletes Who Are Excelling

by | December 22, 2017

For those yet to adopt a vegan lifestyle, it can be easy to assume that a plant based diet would lack nutrients and leave a person too weak and feeble to possibly consider sport. Especially at a competitive level.

These 5 athletes are breaking down the stereotypical picture of veganism in spectacular fashion.


  1. Morgan Mitchell
    • 22 year old title winning sprinter Morgan Mitchell made her Olympic debut in Rio last year (2016), representing Australia in the 400m event. After watching a documentary with her boyfriend in 2014 that outlined the impact animal agriculture has on our environment and the lives of so many innocent animals, Morgan worked with her dietician to implement an eating plan that would give her the nutrients necessary to thrive as an athlete without harming her fellow earthlings.
  2. Andy Lally
    • Andy Lally is the type of guy who never stops. At age 40 he is still competing and winning NASCAR and other auto races, running street luge, bmxing, longboarding, skateboarding, even competing in Brazilian Jujitsu bouts! There’s no doubt that plant-powered Andy is unaware that vegans are supposedly lacking in nutrition or energy.
  3. Tia Blanco
    • Championship winning West Coast surfer Tia Blanco grew up vegetarian and is the picture of health. After watching the documentary ‘Glass Walls’ and reading ‘The China Study’ at the age of 15, Tia made the decision to go vegan and hasn’t looked back. Confessing to having a major sweet tooth, Tia often indulges in cupcakes and other junk food between competitions but eats a whole foods plant based diet when in training, as she will in the lead up to the Summer Games in Tokyo in 2020.
  4. Scott Jurek
    • An Ultrarunner who has been named one of the greatest runners of all time, Scott Jurek credits his incredible achievements in his chosen sport over 20 years to his 100% plant based diet. Scott believes that anyone can tap into their body’s ability to excel and to heal itself and encourages everyone to do so, sharing his experience, training tips, and favourite vegan recipes on his website.
  5. Kendrick Farris
    • Since turning vegan in 2014, Kendrick Farris has broken records in the field of weightlifting. He was the only male weightlifter on Team USA to qualify for the Rio Olympics. Kendrick decided to change his diet after the birth of his son and upon researching his Israeli heritage he became acquainted with the idea of veganism. As well as aligning with his moral stance against the mass slaughter of animals, Kendrick says that his plant based diet has improved his mood and energy levels.



Kate Timmins I’m a first time mama living in beautiful Adelaide, South Australia. When I’m not at home enjoying the company of my partner, our gorgeous baby boy, and our five rescue cats I love to spend my time walking along our local beaches and trying new foods from the growing number of vegan eateries in our city. I’m proud to be a foster carer for my local animal rescue; I believe that saving one animal may not change the world, but it will change the world for that animal! Follow me on Instagram for Cats, baby, beaches, and tasty vegan food.

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