5 Vegan Fast Food Options That Will Blow Your Mind!

by | December 7, 2017

Vegan fast food? Where do we sign up?

All vegans know the struggle of being asked to go out somewhere and then having to deal with trying to find something vegan on the menu or being that awkward friend who has a million questions for the server.

And that’s just in a regular restaurant.

When it comes to fast food, the struggle is real. Everything is covered in cheese, bacon or has eggs hidden somewhere. What is the obsession with dairy and bacon?!

So we’ve decided to go out and find some of the best vegan fast food hacks. just to make everyone’s life a little easier. That’s right, we’re doing the hard work of tasting all that delicious food, so you don’t have to. You can thank us later.


1. Subway Veggie Delite

All hail Subway and it’s foundation on letting you create your own subs. Just choose Italian, Hearty Italian or Sourdough Bread and add all the veggies you want!


2. Taco Bell Black Bean Burrito

There are actually a surprising amount of vegan options at Taco Bell. Most of their sides are vegan, plus a lot of their sauces too. (except the obvious ones like queso) It’s pretty simple to veganize most things. Sub the meat, cheese and sour cream for guac and pico de gallo and you’re set!

Taco Bell Black Bean Burrito


3. Burger King French Fries

Ok let’s be real, there isn’t much of a vegetarian range at Burger King, let alone vegan. But their french fries and apple slices are vegan!

Burger King French Fries


4. Denny’s Build Your Own Burger

Denny’s may not be one of the places that would ever cross your mind as having vegan fast food, but they actually use Amy’s Burgers as their veggie option for the Build Your Own Burger! Plus the sesame seed and whole wheat buns are vegan too.

Denny's Vegan Amy's Build Your Own Burgers


5. Pizza Hut (UK Only, Coming Soon To The USA)

Pizza Hut in the UK recently started giving the option of vegan cheese on their pizzas. Score! It’s not available for delivery yet, but hey, who’s going to turn their nose up at some vegan pizza? Not me that for sure!

Pizza Hut Vegan Cheese Pizza UK Soon USA


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Are there any vegan fast food hacks we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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