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8 Black Vegan Chefs And Bloggers To Follow Today

by | June 24, 2020

As the vegan food movement grows, people from all of the world are rocking the plant-based food scene online. Among them are a number of thriving Black creatives.

What follows is a list of eight Black vegans making waves in plant-based cuisine and showing just how vibrant and enjoyable plant-powered living can be.

Can’t-Miss Black Vegan Chefs

Tracye McQuirter in her kitchen
(Tracye McQuirter)

Tracye McQuirter

Tracye McQuirter, MPH of By Any Greens Necessary has been vegan for a whopping 33 years! Her site and social media are full of fantastic resources such as her free African American Vegan Starter Pack Guide.

Following Tracye will help you to stay informed about the benefits of veganism and inspired to eat all of your greens.

You can also buy her book Ageless Vegan for a fantastic collection of too-good-to-miss plant-based recipes.


Fabiola from Shine With Plants will inspire you not only with her whole food, plant-based content but through her dynamic with her super sweet family. Fabiola has a toddler and a baby on the way, and is a great source of insiration for anyone raising a vegan family.

Fabiola and the gang eat mostly raw vegan foods, and her YouTube channel is bursting with recipes kids love, alongside some serious plant-based lifestyle inspiration.

Tabitha Brown one of many famous black vegan chefs
(Tabitha Brown)

Tabitha Brown 

Tabitha Brown gained overnight popularity with her viral carrot bacon video, and deserves it! Not only are Tabitha’s videos bursting with positivity in the very best way, all of her recipes are fantastic and true originals. 

This plant-based queen’s content is bound to put a smile on your face and get you cooking up something good. If you’re looking for some joy and vegan inspiration, Tabitha’s feed is the place to go. 

Jenné Claiborne

Jenné Claiborne of Sweet Potato Soul projects an unmissible vibe of warmth and creativity. She creates recipes with a focus on veganzing Southern classics, all of which will have you coming back for more.

On her YouTube channel, you’ll find videos to help you eat vegan on a budget alongside plenty of delicious recipes. If you love her as much as we do, you’ll also want to buy her cookbook, which is full of recipes for tasty Southern cuisine.

Jenné had an adorable baby last year, so her blog, YouTube channel, and Instagram now offer a wealth of knowledge around vegan pregnancy, birth and babies. Whether you’ve been vegan for years or you just started thinking about switching to a plant-based diet, Sweet Potato Soul has content for you.

Bryant Terry
(Bryant Terry)

Bryant Terry 

Bryant Terry is an award winning chef and educator fighting for food justice on the vegan scene. He has published five books brimming with African-inspired recipes, the two most-recent of which — Vegetable Kingdom and Afro-Vegan — are now best sellers.

Through his books and online presence, Bryant connects environmental and racial justice, making an important link for his following and readers on the relationship between the two.

If you’re interested in learning about food justice, check out Bryant’s work. His TEDMED Talk Stirring up Political Change From the Kitchen is a great place to start.

Rachel Ama

Rachel Ama is owning the plant-based food scene from London and just released her first book, Rachel Ama’s Vegan Eats.

On her YouTube channel and site, you’ll find all kinds of vegan recipes and vlogs. Looking for some recipes to try? Rachel’s Vegan Carribean Feast will impress anyone, herbivore or otherwise.

Rachel is expecting a baby this year and is starting to make plant-based pregnancy content, as well — making her another great source of inspo for vegan mamas wordlwide.

Dr. Judy Brangman
(Judy Brangman)

Dr Judy Brangman

Dr Judy Bragman of The Plant-Based MD uses her online platform to teach about plant-based nutrition — and is changing the way people approach vegan food and health.

On The Plant-Based MD, you’ll find information about how eating a plant-based diet can impact your health for the better. Dr Brangman also uses her platform to host digital educational events with topics ranging from healthy pantry staples to shopping for vegan food on a budget.

Brooklynne Palmer holding beets
(Brooklynne Palmer)

Brooklynne Palmer

Brooklynne is a medical student who also manages a blog called Beets by Brooke. Brooklynne uses her platform to tout the benefits of a plant-based diet, and provide awesome inspiration as she goes.

On her feed, you’ll find next-level food photography alongside a wealth of facts surrounding veganism and health.

Do you follow any of these vegan bloggers? Let us know in the comments below.


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