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Alicia Silverstone Says A Vegan Diet Is Key To Her Son’s Good Behavior

by | August 6, 2019

Alicia Silverstone — vegan, activist, and author of The Kind Diet — has credited veganism for her son’s good behavior.

Speaking to US Weekly, the Clueless star revealed she has a harmonious relationship with her son Bear Blu, 8 and that the pair are respectful of each other.

“I’ve never had to raise my voice to Bear,” she said.

“I can just say ‘no, thank you’ and we respect each other and listen to each other.”

Silverstone admits that parenting does factor in, but says also that “a lot of it is the food.”

“When your kid feels good, they act well,” she added.

Silverstone also said that a plant-based diet works both ways, and eating it helps her stay “awake and light” to be present with her son.

Alicia Silverstone on Scooter (Source: Alicia Silverstone/Instagram)

What Do They Eat?

In a recent video filmed for Women’s Health Magazine, Silverstone gave viewers a tour of her fridge.

The Clueless star revealed that she loves to go into the garden with Bear to pick fresh food for breakfast, which she says usually starts with a whole grain and a vegetable. In the video, she shares that the pair had blanched kale with squeezed lemon, flaxseed oil and plum vinegar for breakfast that morning.

It isn’t all fresh fruit and veg, though. Silverstone regularly shares the pair’s trips to vegan food spots via her Instagram stories.

Do you think a plant-based diet has positively impacted your child’s behavior? Let us know in the comments below.


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