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Amazon Rainforest Fire Count Surpasses 44,000

by | September 3, 2019

The number of fires recorded in Brazil’s Amazon Rainforest this year has officially surpassed 44,000.

This represents only a portion — an estimated 51.9 percent — of the country’s over 88,000 total fires, according to The Brazilian National Space Research Institute.

A record-breaking year in forest fires, the environmental crisis in the Amazonian has been credited in part to the use of fire for clear cutting, likely in the name of the meat industry. According to Business Insider 50 percent of Brazilian cows are raised on land that used to be old growth rainforest. 

Despite the fact that Brazilian President Bolsonaro announced a ban on such brush-clearing fires, nearly 4,000 new fires were sparked over the course of 48 hours since, more than half of which were started in the Amazon.

Indigenous Protest Brazil
This is a record breaking year for Amazon forest fires (Source: PARALAXIS / Shutterstock.com)

“Genocide” In The Amazon Rainforest

The forest fires, while clearly a threat to the environment, are also being framed as “genocide” of the area’s indigenous people. I
n addition to the immediate health and safety threat posed by the fires, they and the agriculture sector displace the people who live there.

Rayanne Cristine Máximo França, an Indigenous activist and member of the Baré people, referenced The Day Of Fire in her talks with CBC. A movement organized by farmers and ranchers in Pará, the event saw an upswing in fires believed to be intended as a threat to the Indigenous groups living there.


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