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Amy’s Kitchen’s Vegan Breakfast Burrito to Beat the Morning Blues

by | April 10, 2019

Amy’s Kitchen gifted the United States with a delightful, morning blues-beating, vegan breakfast burrito. The 30 year old California based vegetarian frozen food maker sells delicious products and now there is a breakfast for plant-based lovers.

Vegan Breakfast Burrito
Credit: @AmysKitchen/ Twitter

Amy’s Kitchen Launches Vegan Breakfast Burrito

If waking up in the morning makes you want to skip the labor of preparing breakfast, Amy’s kitchen has you covered. The organic food maker announced its new lineup in a Twitter post.

The vegan breakfast Burrito is a new option from Amy’s and is made from organic potato, black beans, tofu, salsa and vegetables, all rolled in a hand-wrapped “tender flour” tortilla. The best part is that this product is totally plant-based and dairy-free. Their other item, the Ranchero, is made with veggies and cheddar cheese, but hey, there is the Classic for vegans.

Vegan Breakfast Burrito
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Amy’s Classic Burrito is free from lactose, gluten, corn and nuts, making it very allergy-friendly! According to Amy’s Kitchen website, although they call it breakfast, the item can be equally enjoyed at any time of day.  

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Vegan Breakfast Burrito
Canned soups from Amy’s
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Whether you go for the vegan Classic Burrito or one of Amy’s many other products, each meal is crafted with organic ingredients sourced from sustainable farmers. The company, named after the founder’s beloved daughter, Amy, was established in 1987 in Petaluma, California by Andy and a pregnant Rachel, who started making pot pies at home when they could not find satisfactory vegetarian food in stores.

Amy’s offers a variety of allergy and vegan-friendly products including burritos, soups, candies, curries, wraps, burgers and vegan cheese pizzas. Which is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.

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