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Animal Agriculture Alliance Advises Farms On Avoiding Undercover Activists

by | August 27, 2019

The Animal Agriculture Alliance, a nonprofit in support of the industry, recently released hiring guidelines for farms which include tips on dodging animal activists.

A list of seven tips suggests that farms research applicants thoroughly, and look online for any affiliations with “activists organizations.” It also advises that farms watch for “red flags” including employees “coming to work unusually early or staying late and going into areas of the farm not required for his/her job.”

While some of the tips appear to be about ensuring proper employee training for care of the animals, most appear to be targeted toward ensuring that employers don’t mistakenly hire activists.

The Animal Agriculture Alliance has also published profiles of organizations that may pose a threat to agricultural practice, which include the names and positions of staff. Groups listed include PETA, The Humane Society, Mercy For Animals, the Environmental Working Group, and the Natural Resources Defense Council. 

Dairy Calf in Animal Agriculture
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Cruelty In Animal Agriculture

The guidelines were released in the wake of the Fair Oaks Farms scandal which saw three employees arrested on animal cruelty charges after Animal Recovery Mission (ARM) released footage from undercover investigators working on Fair Oaks Farm which showed employees abusing cows used for dairy.

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