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Animal Victims Of Australian Bushfires Could "Be In The Trillions"

by | January 14, 2020

An expert has warned that the number of animals killed by the Australian bushfires could add up to trillions of lives.

Previous estimates of the number of animals affected by the fires put the death toll in the billions. Evolutionary biologist Professor Ben Garrod has said that the true figure will “conceivably be in the trillions.”

“With currently over 18 million acres ablaze, the reality is that we have little idea about the true damage they will cause or to the full extent of their ecological legacy” Garrod said.

“With approximately 85 percent of vascular plants and 80 percent of mammals found nowhere else on the planet, the importance of Australia’s endemic flora and fauna cannot be overemphasized, meaning its loss can not be downplayed” Garrod added.

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Thousands of firefighters are tackling the blazes in Australia (Photo: Mellimage/Shutterstock.com)

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Australian Bushfires

A huge amount of land in Australia has been devastated by the flames already, which have been fuelled by “record-breaking temperatures and months of drought.”

Thousands of firefighters are battling the flames and the human death toll is currently at 28.

Scientists are claiming that the Australian bushfires are “a taste of what the world will experience as temperatures rise” due to climate change.

Studies from a major review of climate science have shown “links between climate change and the increased frequency or severity of fire weather.”

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