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Animal Welfare Group Shuts Down Dog Meat Slaughterhouse

by | August 8, 2020

Animal welfare organization FOUR PAWS has permanently shut down a slaughterhouse in Cambodia, and rescued all of the dogs inside.

The now-closed dog meat facility in the province of Kampong Thom slaughtered thousands of dogs every year, using methods such as drowning, choking, and asphyxiation.

Following the closure of the slaughterhouse, FOUR PAWS is now working with the owner to assist in the transition to an alternative livelihood.

“Incredible Momentum”

“There is incredible momentum throughout Cambodia to end the dog meat trade and we are relieved to see this facility closed for good,” said Dr. Katherine Polak, Head of FOUR PAWS Stray Animal Care in Southeast Asia.

“We have not just changed the lives of the dogs rescued, but also the tens of thousands of dogs that will be spared a horrific death for their meat.”

“We have also been able to successfully work with the owner of the facility, who did not want to be involved in the trade any longer.”

cambodia dog meat rescue
FOUR PAWS has successfully campaigned to close the dog slaughterhouse (FOUR PAWS/Provided)

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Dog Meat Trade

The closure of the slaughterhouse comes shortly after the Cambodian government ruled to ban the dog meat trade in the city of Siem Reap — the first ruling of its kind in the country.

FOUR PAWS is urging the Cambodian government to now implement a total nationwide ban on the dog meat trade.

Three million dogs are killed for food every year in Cambodia, including stray animals and stolen pets.

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