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Anti-Vegan Protestors Fined After Eating Squirrel’s Flesh In Public

by | July 24, 2019

Two anti-vegan protestors have been fined and convicted of public order offences after eating raw squirrel flesh outside of a vegan market in March.

The perpetrators, Deonisy Khlebnikov and Gatis Lagzdins, were found guilty of engaging in disorderly behaviour likely to cause harassment, alarm, or distress. They were fined a total of £600 for the stunt, and will each have to pay £310 to cover the prosecution’s costs.

vegan meal
Lagzdinz believes a plant-based diet is unhealthy

Anti-Vegan Or Trying To Help?

While witnesses described the display as “sick,” Lagzdinz, the YouTuber also known as Sv3rige, told Metro that it was intended to help “malnourished vegans.”

A self-described “carnivore,” Lagzdinz regularly shares content criticizing the vegan lifestyle on his Youtube channel, which has over 70,000 subscribers. He also ate a pig’s head at UK VegFest in Brighton in March.

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