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Backlash For Pub Chain Serving Burger Made From Beef & Vegan Beyond Meat

by | October 4, 2019

Scottish pub chain BrewDog has announced the release of a burger which blends Beyond Meat with beef — and been met with mixed reception from customers.

The new burger, dubbed the Hybrid Burger, is made using “sustainably reared” beef and Beyond Burger meat and served on matcha tea buns with a vegan cheese topping. 

The pub took to Twitter to frame the product as “50% less meat, 100% delicious.”

This combo has sparked concern from those in both the pro-meat and anti-meat or vegan camps.

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Commenters took to Twitter to discuss the burger (Source: Sattalat phukkum/Shutterstock.com)

Vegan & Omni Twitter Storm

One Twitter user went to bat in in defense of the burger, writing that “there’s a climate emergency. We don’t (just) need a small number of people eating no meat, we need a large number of people eating a lot less meat.”

That said, many were either opposed, or just perplexed by the product.

“Not getting the point of the “vegan gouda” since no vegan would eat this,” wrote one commenter.

Another suggested that the new release be made fully meat free, adding that “Beyond Burgers alone have high appeal to both omnivores and vegans.”

Others argued that the combo alienates both camps.

“Finally, the burger that absolutely no human being on planet Earth was asking for,” one disinterested commenter added.

In defence of the burger, BrewDog replied on Twitter to say that the brand has “seen a growing demand for alternative proteins” and offers vegan options in most of its bars, but plan to target flexitarians with this option.

The Hybrid Burger is now available in the UK, US, and some European BrewDog Bars. 

Vegan Beyond Meat Beyond Burger with a Beer
The Beyond Burger is popular with vegans and meat eaters alike (Source: Oskar Helgason/Shutterstock.com)

Sustainable Burgers?

In the blog post announcing the new burger, BrewDog explained that “Americans could save greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to that produced by 12 million cars simply by introducing a meat-free alternative into their weekly eats.” It argued also that “the more people who eat less meat the better.” 

BrewDog claims to be “proud to champion the alternatives” and describes the Hybrid Burger as “an environmentally sustainable alternative.” 

BrewDog Backlash

This isn’t the first time BrewDog have upset the animal welfare conscious among their customer base. In 2016, the company found itself in the midst of an online row for using taxidermy animals as bottle holders for an exclusive range of super-strength beer.

BrewDog co-founder James Watt defended the use of animals for packaging.

“I absolutely love the beautiful, yet disturbing nature of taxidermy, so packaging our most evocative beer in such an unconventional, BrewDog way made sense,” he said.

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