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Apparent Gatwick Airport Drug Bust Turns Out To Be Vegan Cake Mix

by | September 3, 2019

What appeared to be a drug bust at at Gatwick Airport last week turned out to be nothing more than the discovery of vegan cake mix.

A staff member of Purezza Vegan Pizzeria was stopped at the airport on August 28 under suspicion of transporting drugs. However, after inspection ensued, The UK Home Office was quick to realize the white powder was not drugs at all — but dry mix for vegan cakes.

Purezza Chocolate Pizza
Vegan chocolate pizza at Purezza (Source: Purezza / Instagram)

While the white, powdery mix, divided into 25 separate and unlabeled blue bags, raised suspicions among customs agents, the traveller was not detained for long.

Purezza has promised the staff and officers in Gatwick Airport a slice of cake as thanks for the quick realization of their mistake, and Tweeted about the incident — which has since been a subject of a number of jokes online.

“So, we had quite an eventful time transporting some of our ingredients today,” the post read.

After the incident, the British Transport Police in Sussex Tweeted a reminder to those travelling to label their food.


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