Beyond Candy — 11 Vegan Easter Gifts For Loved Ones Young And Old

by | April 6, 2020

Chocolate eggs and bunnies, while delicious, have been done to death! Perhaps it’s time to mix things up this Easter.

Whether you’re looking for healthier alternatives to traditional holiday treats, or hoping to step outside of the snacking world entirely, we have the gift for you.

What follows are eleven awesome treasures for Easter giftees young and old.

Dreaming Buddha Easter Gifts

The Dreaming Buddha

The earth-friendly, recyclable treasures from The Dreamin Buddha are a charming gift option for grownups and kiddos alike. These minimalist bracelets pack a mean message — of celebrating vegan living, the world around us, and its inhabitants big and small. 

As affordable as they are adorable, The Dreamin Buddha’s creations make a great fit for any Easter basket or to slip into a card for that like-minded friend you’ve been wanting to show that you care.

Shop the entire collection here and don’t forget to use code RAISEVEGAN for a 15 percent discount on your first order.

Two Little Wicks Easter Candles

Two Little Wicks

For the candle lover in your life, Two Little Wicks offers the perfect Easter treat. This range of hand-poured candles is made using soy wax from US-grown beans and premium essential oils. 

Two Little Wicks also offers options for customization. Choose a favorite scent and a label to suit the occasion at hand and you’ve got something truly unique to the person you plan to treat.

Explore your options here.

Clever Coconuts Easter Gift

Clever Coconuts

For plant-based littles with a big imagination, you can’t go wrong with the delightful hand-painted wooden toys from Clever Coconuts. 

A family-run business, this brand was born from the need one mom saw for toys that truly fit her vegan daughter’s lifestyle. Having struggled to find a food play set that represented what her daughter was actually eating, Rebecca Connolly took matters into her own hands. The result was a series of toys as full of love as they are cute. 

Say no to plastic and yes to vegan representation with these dad-cut and mom-painted treasures your kids will love for years to come.

Order your set here.

Empowered Cookie Easter Treat

The Empowered Cookie

The Empowered Cookie — a labor of love from food industry magic-worker Natalia Barr  — is an Easter basket addition with a mission and a message.

Each recipe is carefully crafted to satisfy your taste buds and nourish your body. The result is a variety of cookies that are paleo, vegan, low in carbs, and free of gluten and other common allergens — tasty treats most anyone can enjoy.

Fun flavors like Lemon Lavender Poppyseed and Chocolate Cherry make these a perfect fit for gift recipients young and old.

Order yours today. Don’t forget to use the code RAISEVEGAN for 20 percent off your order.

AM Soaps Easter Gift

AM Soaps

AM Soaps is the perfect fit for those looking for low-waste indulgence and to give a gift that keeps on giving.

An all-vegan range of earth-conscious soap in countless delightful varieties offers something for everyone. Grab a bar of the brand’s carrot duckies for a perfect fit in those Easter baskets or a six-pack of luxury bars for that special grownup in your life.

These products are made with good-for-the-skin ingredients you can feel good about  — no matter who’s using them.

Explore the Am Soaps collection here.

Southern Flame Wax Warmer easter Gift

The Southern Flame

For the busy parent — or perhaps the person you share parenting duties with — Easter presents the perfect opportunity to show some extra love. 

The 2-in-1 Wax Warmer from The Southern Flame is a lovely indulgence sure to make this special morning a little more magical and, more importantly, relaxing. Set your loved one up with a warmer and wax melts in a scent you know they’ll love. With options ranging from Tobacco Caramel to Snickerdoodle Cookie, there’s something for everyone.

For those looking for something more minimal, the brand also offers a lovely range of candles and room sprays.

Explore your options here.

Freshly Preserved Easter Treat

Freshly Preserved 

For the shortest ingredient list on the market, there’s no choice better than Freshly Preserved.

Boasting a range of freeze-dried fruit, this brand offers just what you need for an Easter basket as rich in color as it is in nutrients. With options ranging from cinnamon apple to mango, you’re sure to find the favorite fruit of your little health nut.

Offering a fresh take on run-of-the mill foods, Freshly preserved is sure to reawaken your family’s love for plants in their purest form — almost.

Place your order here. Use code VEGAN10 for 10 percent off your order.

Rule Breaker Bites For Easter

Rule Breaker Snacks

Those looking for a healthier alternative to traditional Easter treats need not look any further than Rule Breaker Snacks. 

These better-for-you cookies come in a variety of Easter worthy flavors — including Chocolate Chunk Blondie and Birthday Cake. The mini versions, dubbed Rule Breaker Bites, make the perfect replacement for conventional easter eggs with their poppable, bite-sized format.

Conscientious parents can rest easy knowing the entire range is gluten free, vegan, and free of most common allergens.

Order yours today.

Visibly Veg

A perfect little addition for any proud animal lover’s Easter basket, Visibly Veg offers stickers your family will love.

Consider the simple V for younger kids, or the mirrored emblem — featuring the iconic vegan symbol — for those looking to adorn their laptop, locker or car.

Also available is a range of simple t-shirts boasting the same subtle yet clear messaging as the brand’s peel-and-stick products.

Place your order and show your pride today. Don’t forget to use code RAISEVEGAN for 10 percent off.

DAB herb Makeup and Skincare

Dab Herb Makeup And Skincare

Whether you’re dealing with a grown-up or junior beauty lover, this line of vegan products offers just what you’ll need for a five-star review.

Fill a little’s basket with tinted lip gloss and body butter, or grab mascara, primer and eyeshadow for the grownup (or nearly grownup) makeup aficionado in your life.

You can also rest easy knowing all of Dab’s products are packaged with the environment in mind. This range boasts glass and metal packaging, kicking plastic to the curb and welcoming in a new age of sustainable beauty.

Shop the entire collection here.

Aee's vegan Easter Treats

Aee’s Treats

Those seeking high-quality, plant-based alternatives to conventional Easter delicacies will simply love Aee’s Treats.

This small business offers dairy-free chocolate in a variety of Easter-friendly forms including roses, bears, and lollipops sure to delight your littles. Choose from white and dark chocolate to fit your family’s tastes — and don’t forget to throw in some chocolate dipped pretzels to really step outside the norm.

Support this independent brand today.

Try these vegan recipes for dinner:

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