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Billie Eilish Aims To Go Green For Upcoming World Tour

by | October 3, 2019

Vegan teen music sensation Billie Eilish has plans to go green for her upcoming tour.

The star revealed the news during an interview with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, explaining that the 2020 “Where Do We Go?” tour will aim to make eco-friendly moves in partnership with sustainability non-profit REVERB.

While it may not negate the environmental impact of the flights the tour will require, fans will be encouraged to bring their own refillable bottles, plastic straws will be banned, and recycling bins will be placed throughout concert grounds and venues.

Festivals Go Green

Eilish’s concerts will be part of an ongoing trend of greener large-scale events.

The Glastonbury festival, which took place in June, was praised for going plastic-free. Murals referencing teen environmentalist Greta Thunberg were also positioned throughout the event, reminding attendees or their impact on the environment with the words “What would Greta do?”

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