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BotaniCuisine to Host Baltimore’s First Vegan Burger Smackdown

by | April 8, 2019

An ultimate vegan burger smackdown is coming on April 28th, and it will blast you with flavors. If you are contented by sliding the readily available patties into burger bread, hold onto your socks because BotaniCuisine is all set to host a lip-smacking smackdown at a Baltimore venue.

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Ultimate Vegan Burger Smackdown

Beginning at 11am on April 28th, BotaniCuisine will host a Vegan Burger Smackdown at R. House, 301 W 29th St, Baltimore. If you haven’t been satisfied with the so-called limited vegan burger choices, you have an opportunity to taste multiple vegan burgers crafted by different vendors at the upcoming Smackdown. Using entirely plant-based ingredients, delicious buns and patties are set to bombard your mouth with amazing flavors. In this #yearofthevegan, reserve your spot to taste the latest burger-ventions at the smackdown before the tickets run out!

The Event Details

vegan burger
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The event will take place at “The Garage” at R. House in Baltimore, MD. There will be six awesome restaurants competing against each other to win the ‘Best Burger’ title. With live music, magicians entertaining in the dining room, games and non-alcoholic drinks for sale, the Smackdown has many appealing features. Each ticket includes burgers, and you have to pre-register because the vendors will prepare quantities based on the number of tickets sold. There will be two dining times, Morning Muncher 11am to 1:15pm, and Afternoon Nosher 1:30pm to 4pm. There are varying ticket levels available, and you can pay extra to get more burgers.

About the Organizer

At the forefront of the event is BotaniCuisine, the organizer of the event. BotaniCuisine is headed by Nancy Poznak, who has a health sciences background. At BotaniCuisine, she collaborates with regional food vendors and recommends suppliers that offer plant-based foods. According to BotaniCuisine’s website, she has plans to expand her outreach beyond the areas of Maryland she currently serves.

“Millions of people seek a dining experience that includes plant-based foods, and often choose restaurants offering vegan choices that satisfy everyone’s needs,” says the website of BotaniCuisine.

Join BotaniCuisine at Baltimore’s first ever vegan burger smackdown! What are your plans? Let me know in the comments below.  

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