Boycott Campaign Launched To Protect Slaughterhouse Workers From COVID-19

by | June 26, 2020

A civil-rights organization has called for US consumers to boycott meat in order to help protect slaughterhouse workers from COVID-19.

The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) has highlighted that more than 25,700 slaughterhouse employees in the US have been infected with COVID-19, with at least 95 of these people dying from the virus.

In response, the organization has launched the Boycott Meat campaign, in collaboration with workers, doctors, academics, and activists.

“Very Dangerous”

“We are in a very dangerous period of time,” said Joe Enriquez Henry, president of the Iowa branch of LULAC.

“Many of these workers are being infected by the virus—COVID-19—due to unsafe working conditions in these facilities. These facilities have been incubators for the virus due to the closeness of the workers, side-by-side; working on these lines cutting meat at a very high speed.”

slaughterhouse workers meat processing
Slaughterhouse employees often work in close proximity to each other (Alf Ribeiro/Shutterstock.com)

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Slaughterhouse Workers & COVID-19

LULAC claims that 80 percent of meat processing workers in the US are undocumented migrants or refugees — a fact which makes these people vulnerable to exploitation.

In April, a number of slaughterhouses were closed temporarily due to the spread of coronavirus — a decision that president Donald Trump quickly reversed.

“Encourage Everyone To Adopt A Plant-Based Diet”

“The stressful working conditions … that many of these workers have to endure means that their work environment potentiates transmission of the virus,” said Dr Milton Mills, a supporter of the boycott.

“The bottom line is that we really need to look at what these workers are being subjected to, hopefully close these plants until we can guarantee safety and encourage everyone to adopt a plant-based diet.”

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