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Brazilian Company Turns Recycled Plastic into Shoes

by | April 8, 2019

Vegan shoes are cool, but what’s even cooler? Eco-friendly shoes made from recycled water bottles! Keep reading to learn more about Inspecta shoes.

(Caution: After hearing about them, you may want to buy a few pairs.)

recycled plastic
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Recycled Plastic into Shoes

Brazilian footwear company Insecta, founded in 2014 in Porto Alegre, with the slogan” Sapatos ecológicos e veganos” (eco-friendly and vegan shoes) makes guilt-free and great looking shoes from recycled material such as plastic, cotton, rubber and clothing that would have otherwise been sitting unused in a landfill.

Insecta has a wide range of unisex shoes that could fit with any style. Some of their popular styles include loafers, slip ons, sandals and booties. Their shoes are fun, unique and they appear to be very well-made and comfortable.

In addition to shoes, the company also sells other ethically made products including a variety of bags, posters, planners and cups.

According to their website, Insecta’s mission is loud and clear when it comes to their products, all surrounding themes of veganism, sustainability, feminism, and embracing what it means to be Brazilian. Their mission boils down to what it means to be conscious about the products we buy and how they are sourced.

“At Insecta we work to rethink the economy, searching for alternatives when it comes to consumption and increasing the lifespan of what already exists. We want to pollinate the world with color and awareness.”

Insecta Website, translated from Portuguese
recycled plastic
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Recycled Plastic

According to Insecta, in the last year they have recycled and reused 6640,16 plastic bottles, 391.69M² of fabric, and 2120,70 KG of rubber. That is a lot of waste that would have otherwise gone unused.

The company ships their products worldwide, but you can also find them in a number of retail stores including their Insecta location in the Brazilian capital city of São Paulo, Valute NY in New York, Mooshoes LA in Los Angeles, Aujourd’hui Demain Paris in Paris, and a handful of other locations throughout South America, North America and Europe. These shoes are accessible to many and they are priced in a similar fashion (I would say they are even priced as being cheaper) than most high quality shoes and most vegan shoes on the market. I don’t know about you, but I will definitely check them out at Mooshoes during my next trip to Paris!

recycled plastic
Recycled Plastic
Credit: Amor Perfeito Mix Slider / Insecta Website

Just when you thought that they couldn’t get even better, once your Insecta shoes wear out eventually, if you send them back to the company you can recieve a discount on your next pair. This is a great business practice that I honestly wish more companies (especially eco-friendly companies!) would implement.

Muito obrigada Insecta pelos seus fantásticos sapatos veganos!

Do you own a pair of Inspecta shoes? Which vegan shoes are your go-to? Which brands have you been dying to try? Let me know in the comments below.

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