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Break A Sweat And Support The Goat Games At Catskill Animal Sanctuary

by | August 3, 2020

Just because the Olympics are canceled, it doesn’t mean we can’t bring home the gold with our friends and be champions for rescued farm animals! 

Catskill Animal Sanctuary's own Bartleby is heading up the "all other activities" team
Team Bartleby (Catskill Animal Sanctuary)

Catskill Animal Sanctuary — Keeping The Mission Alive

It’s been a tough year for Catskill Animal Sanctuary. They’ve postponed their tour season, events, and have even had to make significant changes to booking their on-site bed and breakfast, The Homestead. So, they are getting creative in order to keep their mission alive. The world may be vastly different this year, but to the animals, it’s just another day. Animal Sanctuary is working really hard to keep it that way! 

Catskill Animal Sanctuary's Goat Games
(Catskill Animal Sanctuary)

“The Goat Games, a play on the Olympics, gets people out of the house, connects them with a fun-loving species — goats are always getting in trouble! — and creates healthy competition when we’re missing it due to COVID … it’s all good! And hopefully, there’s a subliminal reminder that eating animals is why we’re in this mess in the first place.” – Kathy Stevens, founder

How The Goat Games Work:

Sign up for the Goat Games here and join teams based on the activity you love to do. Join with your friends or ask them to sponsor you; complete your activities and help the animals. The best part? The “team captains” are some of Catskill Animal Sanctuary’s goats!

  • Team Violet for hiking/walking
  • Team Alice for running
  • Team Chester for swimming/water sports
  • Team Nellie for biking
  • Team Bartleby for all the other activities (yoga, Jazzercise, or even hammock-swinging)
Goat Games Biking Team Leader, Nellie!
Nellie, the Biking Team Leader (Catskill Animal Sanctuary)

The Animal Sanctuary is asking people to team up for the Goat Games now and complete their activities between August 8th and 16th, 2020.


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