BREAKING: Buffalo College Campus New York Goes Vegan!

by | November 30, 2017

New York, No Stranger To Vegan Lifestyle, Is Now Influencing Their Universities.

Campus chefs have fully submerged themselves into a plant-based diet this week. Not just keeping it at their work place, but in their homes also, in an effort to retrain their thinking towards a fully plant-based lifestyle. According to the University of Buffalo website, they are re-framing views on plant-based meals.

Neal Plazio, CDS executive chef, is leading the vegan team that includes an assistant executive chef, a chef manager, an assistant manager and an assistant director of dining.

“If we are not eating vegan, how can we develop vegan menus?

Plazio asks. Plazio goes on to say, “This questions has been asked of us by our students and by ourselves as we try to create new recipes. We have made significant improvements in our vegan offerings in the past year, but walking in someone else’s shoes for the week gives us the ability to understand the struggles they may have on campus.”

The university has stated that Plazio’s team wants to assess the students dining experience, and explore what opportunities they can improve with vegan meal options. They will be reviewing not just one section of the meals, but every time food is served, from breakfast to the late night snacks. Sharing their results to how improvements can be made for the plant-based population. Which is increasingly growing. 

The are not alone in their endeavor. Enlisting help from a certified dietitian nutritionist, Lori Bendersky. “This process will give everyone involved in recipe development an opportunity to have a better feel for different diets,” Bendersky says. “In the future, we are looking to involve other diets and restrictions to really see what our guests are experiencing.”

With veganism on the rise, and set to be the main talking point in 2018. It’s no wonder that dietitians are going to social media, with groups set to debut in 2018, such as Ask A Vegan Dietitian. Where everyone has access to a dietitian 24/7 with easy plant based meal plans.









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