California On The Way To Ban Fur!

by | March 12, 2019

California Fur Ban Nearly In Affect!

A California fur ban just passed its first vote in Sacramento, there are still two more committees that have to approve the vote, but this is a monumental step. Los Angeles, West Hollywood, and San Francisco have already banned the sale of fur.

There was a rally outside of the Capitol building in Sacramento today, with all the supporters of the ban. One supporter stated that the way for us to show our support from where we are is just by making a phone call, sending an email, or going to an outreach event. We want to make fur history, and together we will be able to stop the use of fur being sold in stores and made into more fashion pieces.

Fur Ban Started With Cosmetics Bill

Last year the cosmetics bill was passed about companies being cruelty- free, it was a huge win for us.  There are huge makeup companies going cruelty-free because after the bill was passed they noticed that consumers don’t want makeup that has been tested on animals.

Model, actress, creator of world animal news, Katie Cleary spoke at the rally today telling her story about having to go against the fashion industry by not wearing fur and only using cruelty-free cosmetics. She said that she was dropped by her agency but that didn’t stop her.

Fashion Industry Driving the Fur Ban

Huge fashion companies are also going vegan, such as Gucci and Armani. Victoria Beckham has already banned the use of animal skin from her future designs. She is not alone other celebrities like Miley Cyrus refuse to wear fur.

Together we are a huge force, and together we can, and will win.

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