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Californian Senator Introduces Bill That Could Free Animals From SeaWorld

by | March 4, 2020

Senator Cathleen Galgiani recently introduced The Dolphin Protection Act in California — a bill that could mean the end of animal shows at SeaWorld in San Diego.

Galgiani’s proposed legislation would make it illegal to keep a cetacean captive “for display, performance or entertainment purposes,” as well as prohibiting breeding and importing these animals.

Cetaceans are aquatic animals, such as dolphins, whales, and porpoises.

“A Leader In Animal Welfare Policy”

“Society’s attitudes about keeping certain animals in captivity has changed,” said Marc Ching, Founder of Animal Hope in Legislation — an organization sponsoring the bill.

“We cannot continue to bring whales and dolphins into captivity where they will spend their entire lives in a concrete tank. California is a leader in animal welfare policy and thanks to Senator Galgiani’s bill, many of these animals will be able to stay where they belong, in the wild.”

If the bill were to be voted into law, then a transition period would be granted for facilities that currently hold captive cetaceans.

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Dolphins and whales are made to perform at SeaWorld (Irina Silvestrova/Shutterstock.com)

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Dolphins & Whales At SeaWorld

SeaWorld recently announced it would end dolphin riding shows at at all three of its locations — in San Diego, San Antonio, and Orland — after campaigning from PETA.

Although the dolphins will no longer be used for these shows, they still remain at the parks and will be used for other entertainment purposes.

“Cruel And Inhumane Treatment”

“We should not rely on cruel and inhumane treatment of any creature simply for our entertainment,” said Senator Galgiani.

“Dolphins are incredibly intelligent beings that suffer a range of health problems and stress as a result of being held in captivity.”

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