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Canadian Farmers Accuse Vegan Activists of Cyberbullying

by | August 9, 2019

A number of Canadian Farmers are claiming to be cyberbullied by vegan activists, which one psychologist says is a “significant source of stress.”

Mylѐne Bégin, a farmer in the province of Quebec, says that she’s been the victim of such bullying via Instagram. She started an instagram account about her farming activities to combat the negative view of animal agriculture.

Bégin says that she has been called a “rapist” due to her hand in the artificial insemination of cows — a process in which farmers inseminate an animal by inserting a rod into her vaginal tract, and a hand into her rectum. One video shared by Bégin shows preparation for the process, but fails to include the entire event.

Pierrette Desrosiers, a psychologist working with farmers in the agriculture industry, agrees that online activism is detrimental to farmers. According to the mental-health professional, activists are problematically “anthropomorphizing” farmed animals when they use terms such as “rape” or “murder” to describe common agricultural practices. She argues that these terms should not be applied to farmed animals.

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Are Vegan Activists Bullying?

Many vegans, however, argue that online activism is a necessary part of raising awareness. In a response to a video from popular YouTuber Anna Sacconne, established vegan activists Natasha Cuculovski and Luca Padalini maintain that the efforts of online activists aren’t intended to victimize nonvegans.

“It is about education,” Padalini said.

“That is where real change is made.”

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