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Childhood Brain Injuries Linked To Household Products

by | July 31, 2019

A recent study found that a significant percentage of reported non-fatal brain injuries in children are caused by products that can be found in the home. 

The study — published in Brain Injury and from the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation looked at approximately four million cases of child brain injury brought to US emergency rooms over 4 years.

The type of products that were responsible for the injuries depended on the age of the child. Infants were most endangered by cribs and uneven flooring, while bunk beds became the primary cause of injury in children aged one to four.

The leading causes of traumatic brain injury in children between the ages of ten and 19, on the other hand, were sports and recreation activities, such as football, bicycling, and soccer.

Sports are one of the leading causes of brain injuries for children (Source: Fotokostic / Shutterstock.com)

Prevention and Management

According to the study’s lead author, Dr Bina Ali, there are steps parents can take to protect their children from these risks.

“Simple measures such as removing trip hazards, using stair gates and guard rails, avoiding hard surface playgrounds and wearing helmets could help reduce the risk of injury,” she said. 

“As well as adult education to ensure proper use of consumer products and adherence to safety guidelines.”

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) also advises strongly against the use of bunk beds in the home, and has urged the US Consumer Product Safety Commission to be more proactive in identifying the likelihood of certain products in causing brain injuries. 

In the event of suspected brain injury in children or adults, The Mayo Clinic website advises that 911 or another emergency number be called. You can find a list of symptoms to look out for here.


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