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by | September 12, 2017

Most of us have a favorite color and would agree that a lot of our personality is reflected in that hue. Throughout history, color has been used in every form of art to express emotion, intention,  and status- humans are very much influenced by colors and can attach a lot of meaning to them.


Naming your child after a particular shade can be a great way to honor someone or something important to you or to convey your hopes for their future.


Fuchsia  – Although this color name comes from a flower which grows in many shades, Fuchsia is a bright purple and as a name is perfect for a child who is likely to have a bubbly personality. There are many ways that this name could be spelled or used as a base for fun new names such as Tayschia.


Magenta – A beautiful deep pink hue with just hint of purple, Magenta sounds as pretty as it looks and is full of potential for personalized spellings and nicknames.


Grey – This color has been gaining popularity in recent years as a name for both boys and girls. Grey could be an homage to many things held dear to you- the color of a loved ones hair, the fur of a beloved pet, or the color of the sky on the day you met your child’s other parent.


Cobalt – One of the oldest tints used in historic art the world over, Cobalt has a very regal air to it as a name. Steely, bright, and reliable, many of Cobalts qualities are parallel to those we’d like to see in our children.

Teal – Somewhere between green and aqua, teal is a very earthy color with an oceanic feel. As a name, this word bears a strength and simplicity that’s hard to resist.


Blue – The color of the sky, what could be more beautiful? This color word is growing in popularity as a name but is still uncommon enough to set your child apart.


Indigo – This is a deep, solid hue with a lovely sounding title. Indigo would work equally well for a boy or girl and can easily be shortened or personalized, which is helping it to work its way into the more mainstream baby name charts.


Olive – A cute old fashioned name that is coming back into vogue, Olive can be used as is but is also perfect for embellishing or hyphenating to create names like Oliviana, Olivier, Olive-Mae, and Olive-Anne.

Ochre – An earthy name that doesn’t sound too ‘out there’ and will mature well with your child. Ochre is a rich, natural hue and both the color and the word give off a warm, grounded vibe.


Peach – A sweet, fruity color for a sweet little human, Peach is easy to say, easy to spell, and discourages unwanted shortening and nicknames.


Rainbow – This may sound like a typical hippy name at first but it can stand for so many things- A miracle baby after personal loss, a show of solidarity in equality, or simply a love for life and all things bright and colorful! Rainbow can easily be shortened to ‘Rain’ or even ‘Bow’ and you can bet that no one will ever misspell your child’s name.


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