Crikey, PETA Angers Steve Irwin Fans with Insensitive Tweets

by | February 25, 2019

PETA’s latest Twitter stunt angers Steve Irwin fans

PETA is facing some severe backlash on Twitter after posting a series of insensitive Tweets on Friday, attacking Google of sending a dangerous and fawning message in honor of Steve Irwin. On Friday Google honored what would’ve been Steve Irwin’s 57th birthday by replacing their logo on their home page with illustrations of Irwin working with crocodiles and other animals at the Australia Zoo.

Crikey, PETA Angers Steve Irwin Fans with Insensitive Tweets

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Crikey, PETA Angers Steve Irwin Fans with Insensitive Tweets

While searches for the Crocodile Hunter who died after being attacked by a ray he was filming in 2006, spiked globally, PETA took aim at Google, calling the message ‘dangerous and fawning.’ PETA, who are never shy to rock the boat claimed that Steve Irwin’s actions weren’t in line with his supposed message of protecting wildlife.

PETA angers Steve Irwin fans with insensitive tweets

The People for the ethical treatment of animals went for Irwin, claiming that he was killed while he was harassing a ray. They dogged him for feeding a crocodile while dangling his infant and for infringing on animals natural habitats to wrestle them. Calling it harassment for Irwin to have dragged exotic animals and their babies around the world to perform on TV shows.

As with any story, opinions are coming from every direction. While PETA may have a valid point, many Steve Irwin fans came forward saying that no one has done as much for animal conservation and education as Steve and his family. Some on Twitter are even calling on PETA to issue an apology to the Irwin family.

Irwin’s widow Terri and kids Bindi and Robert – have been continuing his conservation work since his death 13 years ago, by running the Australia Zoo, a wildlife hospital and supporting various charities that back animal conservation.

However, even with the backlash, PETA is standing firm on their stance that Irwin was ‘not a true wildlife warrior.’

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