Democratic Debate Sign Before Canceled Climate Change Debate

Democratic National Committee Won’t Approve Climate Change Debate

by | August 26, 2019

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) has voted not to allow US presidential candidates to participate in a third-party debate focused on climate change.

The final decision took place this weekend at the DNC’s annual summer meeting in San Francisco. Members voted 222-137 against allowing the candidates to engage in a third-party debate about global warming.

Various reasons were given for the refusal to host the debate. While Chair Tom Perez argues that the issue should not take precedence over others, DNC member Maria Cardona, a political analyst, insists that it would take vital campaign time away from the candidates.

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Democratic Candidates In Favour of Climate Change Debate

While 15 of the democratic candidates were in favor of having a climate-centred debate, including politicians Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, five were against it.

Famed vegan candidate Cory Booker has not spoken out about the decision, despite the fact that much of his campaign focuses on climate change.

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