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Doctors Say Belgium’s Royal Academy Of Medicine Is Wrong: Kids Can Be Vegan

by | September 19, 2019

Doctors have come together to dispute a claim made by the Royal Academy of Medicine of Belgium (RAMB) that plant-based diets are unsuitable for children.

The original statement from RAMB, which went so far as to suggest that it’s unethical to feed children a plant-based diet, has now been contested by a over 100 international doctors and health professionals.

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Should Vegan Diets Be Encouraged For Children?

In the new report addressing RAMB’s claims, the contributing doctors aim to “show that vegetarian and vegan diets should be supported by the medical community (or even encouraged) in order to offer a valid alternative to the growing population of increasingly young patients with cardiovascular risk factors and non-negligible risks of a fatal event within 10 years.”

The collective report, headed by Dr Lamprini Risos and Dr Catherine Devillers of Belgium, states that the RAMB findings contradict themselves, explaining that the studies used often found a plant-based diet to be healthy and suitable.

Risos and Devillers write that the RAMB “denies the excellent health of thousands of vegan children worldwide and focuses only on isolated cases of child neglect attributed to the vegan diet.”

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