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Dolphin Dies Mid-Show At Bulgaria Aquarium With Above-Average Death Count

by | August 29, 2019

Earlier this month, the Varna Dolphinarium saw the death of a nine-day-old dolphin during a live show. 

According to BTV Novinite, the marine-mammal death — the sixth at Varna Dolphinarium in five years — occurred August 9 during a midday show. Spectators were reportedly asked to leave the aquarium after children spotted the body of the mammal floating in the pool.

An autopsy of the animal showed healthy organs, but assumed the cause of death to stem from the brain.

In the past five years, five cetaceans and one sea lion have died at the Varna Dolphinarium. This number is much higher than the average death rate for similar facilities, according to the BBC.

Dolphins at Aquarium
Dolphins in the wild often swim more than 100km a day (Source: Andrea Izzotti/Shutterstock.com)

Standards of Care At The Aquarium

As the death rate is so high for the Varna Dolphinarium, the standard of care for the animals has been called into question by members of the public on review sites like TripAdvisor and by international animal rights groups, such as Four Paws.

“Exploiting animals who want nothing but freedom,” wrote on TripAdvisor commenter.

“My children cried after leaving this place.”

During the summer, the Varna Dolphinarium holds four dolphin shows a day. According to BTV Novinite, the same animals perform in each show.

The Varna Dolphinarium also has events such as Swimming with Dolphins and Kiss from a Seal. It is well documented that chlorinated pools used for dolphin interactions are extremely dangerous for the dolphin’s health.

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