Dolphins Bringing Gifts To Shore Said To Be Missing Humans During Lockdown

by | May 23, 2020

Dolphins in Australia have reportedly been bringing gifts to the shore since the coronavirus lockdown has prevented people from visiting them.

Barnacles Café and Dolphin Feeding centre in Queensland has shared photos online of a selection of recent gifts from the dolphins.

Workers at the café say that the animals have been bringing more and more items to shore since people stopped visiting.

A male dolphin called Mystique is said to arrive daily with treasures from the sea, such as pieces of wood, coral, and bottles.

“Missing The Public Interaction”

“The pod has been bringing us regular gifts,” the café wrote online, “showing us how much they’re missing the public interaction and attention.”

“Since the restrictions have eased we have been able to reopen the dolphin feeding & cafe. Put a smile on someone’s face and come spend some time and feed these beautiful creatures, they are definitely missing you all.”

dolphins swimming sea
The dolphins are said to be missing human interaction (Joost van Uffelen/Shutterstock.com)

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Dolphins Missing Humans

Since the coronavirus lockdown was imposed in Australia on March 23, the café and dolphin feeding centre closed to visitors.

Lyn McPherson — a volunteer at the feeding centre — says the dolphins trained the humans to swap food for the gifts.

“He Has Trained Us”

“He (Mystique) carefully presents them to us…what we have to do is give him a fish in return…we haven’t trained him, but he has trained us to do this” said McPherson.

Experts have suggested that the dolphin behavior could be a result of the animals missing human interaction, but could also be due to boredom or as an attempt to get more food.

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