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Dr. Garth Davis Fights to Drop Protein Quota From 2020 Dietary Guidelines

by | July 30, 2019

Plant-based diet advocate, Dr. Garth Davis recently advised the 2020 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee to do away with its existing protein recommendation.

The medical doctor and nutrition expert told the group — which will make decisions surrounding the dietary guide to be released in the US next year — that the existing protein recommendation causes confusion for the general population.

Davis cited the Blue Zones, areas in which a plant-heavy diet has bred particularly long lifespans, and the EPIC-Oxford study published in PubMed as evidence that plant-based diets promote optimal health and longevity.

In place of a protein recommendation, Davis says the guide should focus on whole foods. He insists this would simplify the recommendations and make it easier for people to follow a healthy diet.

Dr Garth
The Dr is a nutrition expert (Source: Dr Garth / Twitter)

The Route To Plants

Davis joked in his presentation that “you could hold up a bank with a piece of bread, people are so scared of carbs,” and shared that he too once subscribed to low-carb messaging.

Once an advocate for ketogenic and high-protein diets, Davis changed his tune when he and his patients ultimately failed at the diets. This lead him to undertake in-depth research on nutrition, so he could optimize the health of his patients.

In closing his presentation, Davis summed up his own message with a quote from activist and journalist Michael Pollan, who says that for optimal health, people should “eat real foods, mostly plants, not too much.”

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