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Dr Martens Sees 70% Profit Spike In Wake Of Vegan Collection Debut

by | August 15, 2019

British shoe brand Dr Martens saw a 70 percent increase in profits in the first quarter of 2019, helped in part by the success of its vegan collection. 

The brand, known best for its lace-up leather boots, now offers over 15 vegan adaptations of its iconic designs, which have amounted to a 279 percent spike in the sale of vegan shoes over two years, with vegan shoes now accounting for four percent of the company’s sales.

An Extensive Vegan Collection

The vegan range replaces conventional animal-based leather with a synthetic material called Felix Rub Off which, according to the Dr Martens website, “performs as well as the real thing” and is “made using absolutely no animal products.”

The brand — winner of Best Vegan Boot Collection at PETA’s Fashion Awards last year— also offers several styles of vegan sandals, shoes, wallets, and backpacks.

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