Eat, Meet And Socialize: App HowUdish That Makes Healthy Living Fun

by | March 26, 2019

Tired of searching for healthy eats? There’s an app that does all the hard work on your behalf…

We all have had days when we wished for a personal assistant that would do the hard work of devising a strategy, finding healthy eats, scourging for nutritional info on the dishes, ordering online, exploring favorite athlete’s lifestyle… yeah I know the dreaming won’t just stop. Well, the wishful thinking just turned true as there IS an app for all this stuff. Your own personal attendant to make discovering dishes that fit your lifestyle a breeze! HowUdish and ProDishStyle might be absolutely what vegans like us would have asked for.

What exactly is it?

HowUdish is an innovative one-of-a-kind “dish discovery” mobile app that minimizes the distractions of a healthy lifestyle when you are away from home. Eating well when you’re on the go has never been this easy. With the app, users get the chance to engage socially while exploring new restaurants, finding healthy eats and dishing together.

What is ProDishStyle?

Ever wondered if you could have a sneak peek into a pro athlete’s specialized nutritional meal plans? And not just take a look but tailor the pro athlete’s unique meal plan to fit within your healthy lifestyle? As a unique product offering within the HowUdish brand, ProDishStyle does exactly that and more.

What Makes HowUdish Maverick?

The one thing that sets this app apart is the ability to amalgamate social networking with the ease of following a healthy lifestyle, through discovering, ordering and sharing the newfound love for healthy eats. It is rather a holistic approach. The features include:

  • Setting a goal: Users can input their current weight and set a weight loss/ gain target accordingly.
  • Devising a strategy: Whether you are on a plant based diet, fruitarian or vegetarian, the app has numerous possibilities as it allows the user to select their preferred dish style. Choose from low carb meals, low calorie vegan and vegetarian meal plans, gluten free & more.
  • Finding healthy eats: For those who just love swiping through restaurant served dishes, HowUdish app allows you to save the favorite ones.
  • Gather nutritional information: Loved some of the dishes you discovered while swiping? Now get the complete nutritional info about each of them.
  • Explore: Know which dishes are trending in your area, view profiles and follow your favorite athletes… possibilities are immense.
  • Eat out, have fun and socialize: You can meet new people and chat about food and restaurants, eat out and have fun… all the while sticking to your healthy lifestyle. Your fitness routine no longer needs to be boring!
  • Order online: Not in mood to get out? Order online. Everyone has a lazy day when they just want to be in the sweats, slouching over couch, binge watching Netflix and munching on food. With HowUdish, you can do all that without straying from your lifestyle.
  • Be a part of the community: Your best bet to stay motivated is being connected with like minded people who follow the same lifestyle. Be a part of the community where you can share recipes, dish and restaurant reviews, healthy eating tips, and match with like-minded dishers.

How to get started?

It’s pretty simple. Download the app from the Apple store. Set your current and desired weight goal and get started. Find dishes you’ll love, meet new people, order online, follow favorite athletes and subscribe to see their specialized meal plans, discover new restaurants, explore what’s trending in the food world, and save money by eating at selected sponsored restaurants. With a rating of 4.5 stars by 465+ raters, HowUdish certainly deserves a try.

Watch the promo videos here and here.

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