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Essential Guide to Making Homemade Vegan Baby Food

by | August 6, 2019

Are you a new parent, or expecting, and plan on making your vegan baby’s meals at home?

Feeding your little one plant-based, homemade food will ensure they are receiving beneficial nutrients from the moment they start eating solids. It will also instill a taste for healthy meals early on.

Here are simple tips and resources which will make homemade baby food a more manageable task.

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Vegan Baby Food Cookbook

A helpful cookbook, or guide, will set you on the right track to making delicious meals for your budding foodie. Whether you are leading their journey to solid foods or doing baby-led weaning, having a list of recipes will help ensure they’re receiving a variety of the nutrients they need to thrive.

Typically these cookbooks will offer age or stage-specific recipes – from simple ingredient purees to finger foods. Some also include guidance on baby nutrition, and food-prep and storage instructions.

Baby Bullet
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There are several products on the market to assist you in making your baby’s veggie and fruit purees. Blenders and food processors work great, but you can also look for tools specifically designed to make baby food, some of which offer steam and juice functions as well.

Baby Food Containers
Baby Food Containers (source: Jervis and George Instagram)

Storing and Freezing

All the yummy purees, and other creations, can easily be portioned and stored using glass containers. To prepare them for the next day’s meals, simply pull a container from the freezer the night prior and transfer to the fridge. You’ll have food thawed and ready-to-go in the morning to bring to daycare or enjoy throughout the day!

Making your baby’s food can be easy and enjoyable! Using the right tools, and following these simple tips, will help you keep your vegan baby healthy and happy now — and for years to come.

Do you make your baby’s food? Please share your favorite recipes and tips in comments below!


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