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Essential Summer Listening — 7 Must-Try Podcasts On Veganism And Parenting

by | July 29, 2020

Perfect for long summer drives and lazy afternoons, podcasts are a great way to learn more about any subject. Here at Raise Vegan, we see the need for high quality content for vegans and parents alike.

The search for that perfect podcast fit can be overwhelming, so we’re here to help. What follows are seven top-notch parenting or vegan-centric podcasts sure to become regulars on your listening list.

Dr Kasey Johnson The Unlock Wellness Podcast
Host to The Unlock Wellness Podcast Dr Kasey Johnson (Provided)

The Unlock Wellness Podcast

Plant-based diet advocate and chiropractor Dr Kasey Johnson shares her passion for promoting a happy and healthy lifestyle on The Unlock Wellness Podcast.

New episodes air every week featuring Dr Johnson’s conversations with health experts, community leaders and more.

Each episode is meant to inspire listeners to reach their greatest potential with advice about natural healthcare, creating healthy minds, nutrition, fitness, healthy pregnancies, and yes, chiropractic care.

Learn more about health and wellness with The Unlock Wellness Podcast found on iTunes, YouTube, or Stitcher.

The Vegan Family Podcast
The Vegan Family Podcast is presented by TryVeg.com and Animal Outlook (Provided)

Vegan Family Podcast

For those looking to thrive and come alive on a plant-based diet, there’s the Vegan Family Podcast.

Presented by TryVeg.com and Animal Outlook, this podcast is not only chock full of amazing resources but super fun listening for everyone.

Each episode provides tips, tricks, recipes, and other creative ideas to enhance and celebrate your vegan lifestyle and give an added boost to your plant-powered household.

It tackles practical and ethical quandaries for all types of vegan and veg-curious families, and is full of advice and the perspectives of vegan parents and cute vegan kids.

Stream the podcast on TryVeg.com or subscribe via iTunesStitcher, or Google Play.

Sean Russell SoFlo Vegans Podcast
Sean Russell started SoFlo Vegans to establish South Florida as a vegan epicenter (Provided)

SoFlo Vegans

The SoFlo Vegans podcast covers a wide array of topics from health and the environment, to animal rights and leading a life of compassion.

Host Sean Russell is joined by guest co-hosts from the SoFlo Vegans team for intimate discussions with different vegan experts from around the world.

Sean created the SoFlo Vegans organization to help make South Florida a global hotspot for veganism and five seasons later is continuing to do just that.

Find the podcast on the SoFlo Vegans website. You can also tune-in with iTunes, Spotify, iHeart Radio, Google Play, Tune In, or Stitcher.

Bryony Sumner Host of Everyday Vegan Mum Podcast
Podcast host Bryony Sumner is also a mother of two (Provided)

The Everyday Vegan Mum

You’ll definitely want to catch The Everyday Vegan Mum podcast for all the topics that are on a vegan parent’s mind — well, every day for many.

From guest appearances to candid advice from host and mother of two Bryony Sumner, this podcast helps parents navigate raising vegan children in a non-vegan world.

Providing a space to discuss the struggles and rewards of raising kids vegan, this podcast helps to connect plant-based parents and build a sense of community where we might otherwise be left feeling alone.

Listen to The Everyday Vegan Mum today on Bryony’s website, Apple Podcasts, or Spotify.

Shawna and Megan Barker host of Vegan Boss Radio
Sisters Shawna and Megan Barker host Vegan Boss Radio (Provided)

Vegan Boss Radio

A show for vegans by vegans, Vegan Boss Radio features episodes focused on business, health, lifestyle, and more.

Hosted by vegan sisters, Shawna and Megan Barker, each episode features an influential vegan and offers listeners the opportunity to learn, question and grow. Tune-in to expand your vegan horizons and have fun along the way with unedited, unfiltered talk from like-minded people you may just grow to love.

For the latest episodes, stream Vegan Boss Radio on PodBean, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Google Podcasts. You can also check out an episode with Raise Vegan‘s Team Leader here.

Victoria Moran Main Street Vegan Podcast
Victoria Moran hosts an hour of fun-filled vegan topics every week (Provided)

Main Street Vegan

Main Street Vegan, broadcasting weekly since 2012, focuses on living vegan in the real world.

Host Victoria Moran — author, speaker, and veteran vegan — aims to showcase the movement’s variety through a truly eclectic podcast. Guests include plant-based MDs and alternative health experts, animal rights legends and young influencers, filmmakers, chefs, activists, celebrities, theologians, yogis, and entrepreneurs.

For the latest episodes, stream Main Street Vegan on Apple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsSpotify, or Stitcher. Check out an episode with Raise Vegan‘s CEO and Editor-in-Chief here.

Hunter Clarke-Fields Host of Mindful Mama Podcast
Yoga enthusiast Hunter Clarke-Fields hosts the Mindful Mama podcast (Provided)

Mindful Mama

Parents know all too well the daily stresses of childcare. Here to save the day with tips on becoming a less irritable, more joyful parent is the Mindful Mama podcast.

Host and mindful mentor Hunter Clarke-Fields shares inspiration, interviews, and more through engaging weekly episodes. This is a series designed to help parents find peace within and thrive in family, work, and life — with a healthy dose of humor and reality, of course.

Check out the Mindful Mama podcast on Hunter’s website, or stream it on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Podtail, or Podparadise.

What are some of your favorite vegan or parenting podcasts? Let us know in the comments below!


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