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Evanna Lynch Teases Fans About Upcoming Vegan Short Film

by | August 1, 2019

Animal advocate Evanna Lynch — best known for her role in Harry Potter — has posted her costume for an upcoming vegan short film on Instagram

The actress, wearing a blue and silver dress and makeup to help her appear alien, captioned the post “My lewk [sic] for the vegan short film You Eat Other Animals? playing an alien queen who abducts two earthlings.”

Evanna Lynch
Evanna Lynch (Source: irishtimes.com)

The film is from director Ed Wiles of Wily Films. His website describes the film as a comedy in which two aliens abduct happy-go-lucky human men and will show them “untold wonder,” before discovering a vulgar fact about their human guests.

Starring alongside Evanna Lynch will be Anna Ballantine, as an extraterrestrail, and James Eeles and Michael Jinks, as human abductees. 

The release date for the film has yet to be announced.

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